Junior British League:

The Draycott & Long Eaton Table Tennis Club runs a number of teams in both the Junior Boys and Junior Girls British League and has had considerable success over the last 10 years. The Club provides the opportunity for Junior Squad members of a suitable standard to compete in this prestigious event and also provides places in team for players from other Clubs around the country to play at the right standard based on their ETTA Junior ranking. The competition is held over 2 weekends (October & January) during the season with 6 teams in each division and 6 sets played against each team.

Junior Boys British League Honours:                            

2005     Div.2A    Winners                                                  

2006     Div.1A    Winners                                                  

2015     Div.1      Winners                                          

2015     Div.4A    Winners                                                  


Teams - Season 2016/2017

XLNT Sports Draycott 1   (Prem)

Calum Morrison

Naphat Boonyaprapa

Addi Duhan

Ugur Saglik


XLNT Sports Draycott 2   (Div 3A)

Poww Boonyaprapa

Jack Finney

Martin Johnson


Junior Girls British League Honours:

2004     Div.3    Winners

2005     Div.1    Winners

2007     Prem    Winners

2008     Prem    Winners

2013     Div.1    Winners


Teams - Season 2016 / 2017

XLNT Sports Draycott 1  (Prem)                                                                             

Gauri Duhan  

Isabelle Joubeily 

Bhavika Mistry


XLNT Sports Draycott 2   (Div.1)                                                                            

Anna Hursey  

Alisa Khalid

Alice Dillon

Grace Potter                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


XLNT Sports Draycott 3  (Div.3)                 

Aimee Evans

Sophie Newton

Erin Green

Molly Hancock

Lucie Hancock






















































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