Forthcoming Events

Draycott Table Tennis “Centre” Management Committee is chaired by Dave Greaves who is responsible for liaising and setting up the Table Tennis England events, County and British League weekends and tournaments being staged at the Draycott Table Tennis Centre.

This committee also communicates with the other centre users and is responsible for all of the bookings at the Draycott Table Tennis Centre.

If you are interested in booking the venue or need further details about the Draycott Table Tennis Centre please contact Dave Greaves by E-mail to     Mob No. 07952 861329

Draycott Table Tennis Centre – Forthcoming Events

           Day                    Date                                Event                                      Time                                          


      Sun                    7th July                  Eli Baraty Training Day                9.30am - 6pm

                                                                     (Invitation only)


Sat / Sun            21st & 22nd July     National Umpires Tournament       9pm - 6pm

 Sat / Sun           28th & 29th July          Draycott Summer Camp              9pm - 5pm






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